How long will u stay at your current position in the company?

Will u move forward to a higher places?

How long will it takes?

Are you patient enough to wait for it?

How would you move yourself into it?

Right after you’ve accepted for a job. Think of those questions. Again and again, its not your intelligence or your GPA anymore that decide what will you be in the company. GPA and jobs salary is not linearly or even exponentially related.

Communicating, working together, never ending learning, keep smiling, being patient, and praying is the things that going to make you promoted.  Another things that should be mentioned is Talent. Not every people that is intelligent have the talent that is needed by the job. Its all the EQ that you have to play for your life if you want to be successful.

EQ will gets you promoted no matter how stupid you are. Its all about holding the RESPONSIBILITY and its involving your EQ. The higher you move forward, you might have forgotten all the technical skills you must have to do the things. For example the director of an IT company might not know about the skills to develop an application for the customer. But, they are holding the biggest responsibility to all the stakeholders.

I repeat: IQ Gets You a Job, EQ Gets You Promoted.

I welcome any comment and/or constructive idea!