I am enjoying my work but (still) not enjoy my life…

Life’s hard!


Fiuh,, i thought that being a consultant is easy. The first week of being a consultant proves me wrong. Hahaha. Its just the first week… fiuh,, Working till night, moving to another company, working with many people with their own specialities.. Its hard!! But believe me that i am enjoying the work given to me ;]

My life has just become working, working, and working.

My time is just only 24 hours and i have spent many of them at working and sleeping. I cant have similar live compared to the live i’ve had in Surabaya.. Spending my time with friends, going to the mall with someone i love, sleeping everywhere i want to be :D, playing around, or etc.. I need my life’s back. But its okay, i believe that there is still a good or even greater chance for me… I believe that sooner or later i’ll live my live again, not only work my work.

Enjoy your working’s life and life’s working (nikmatilah pekerjaanmu dan hidupmu yang sedang bekerja/berjalan).

Last but not least: We work to life. Work hard, play hard.

“Smooth seas don’t make skillfull sailor”