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Waktu kerja sore ini, pada saat meeting, saya mendengarkan bahwa keinginan dari Direktur tempat saya proyek ini salah satunya adalah untuk meningkatkan profitabilitas perusahaan.

Hmm, gimana ya caranya untuk meningkatkan profitabilitas perusahaan? Sebagai seorang teknik industri saya rasanya hanya lebih banyak tahu cara untuk meningkatkan profitabilitas dengan menurunkan biaya (efisiensi) atau dengan ekspansi. Read the rest of this entry »

One of my statement of intention

Industrial engineering has been changing so much since the first time it was introduced. This may affect the relevance of introduction to industrial engineering course to the today’s world of industrial engineering. It must be stated clearly what an industrial engineer deals against whether it is management, manufacture, combination of both, or else. One of the best ways to build an industrial engineer mindset is by explaining the industrial engineer role, application, ethics, and the other course an industrial engineer should master. This is what the introduction to industrial engineering course should do. This course should be able to explain the role as a whole. I feel that this course is somewhat important and significance, not only because the subject given but also because the subject is going to be given to the new student who aren’t fully understand the essence of an industrial engineer.
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