I wrote this 2 years ago:


Working in McKinsey or any Consulting companies had been a dream of mine. But now, i dont bother with it anymore.


This was some reasons why i ever wanted to go to one of the best consulting company in the world:

I want to learn about business and its everything. My major is industrial engineering. In industrial engineering (IE) you learn about system and anything related to it and how to improve it. IE is somewhat different to engineering as usual. In Mechanical Engineering (ME) for example, you learn about all the process about an engine or process to create about something. We dont learn it in IE, we learn how to utilize and to improve the machine that ME create or use. This is why, id love to improve something, to make a better use of it, to utilize and optimize it, constrained by the resource available.

Big salary. Okay, the salary for working at any consulting companies is big. So big for a fresh graduate like me. We aren’t talking about any USD, EUR or even GBP =D ) Here in Indonesia, you can even save up to 70% of the salary given.

Opportunity to learn from companies to companies, countries over countries. The job assignment and places is so dynamic. Youll be assigned to company who pay lots of money to McKinsey. They could be the company in your country, neighbour country or companies far far away from your hometown. Yeah, we could say this a travelling pleasure. hahaha =D )

First class company and services. Working for big consulting companies means that youll mostly get all first class services. Starting from executive airplane seat, 5 star hotel,  great food, etc etc. Who else doesnt want it?

But, its all just it. I have also imagined about getting an MBA overseas degree to get into them. Thats because i have submitted several application and they dont even giving me any chances. heheh. Thats why i even getting so desperate because i believe that i have what it takes to be a consultant. No worries, hehe. I dont even bother working for them anymore. This is one of the reasons why. Youll know why.

Peoples, dont worry about it. If you have already choosen to get into it. Just dive deeply. I believe that any choices you make about job is always correct.

Cheers up your day!


Question to myself: And today, am I still thinking the same?


Keep working! =)