People exaggerate their success a lot.

They forget that the performance or success they achieved are given or even luck based. By means that the success they brag is not because of their work.


Stock market: Many investors blame the market when their stocks decline and credit themselves with wise investing when the same stocks rise.

Leader: Many people who think themselves as a leader, even though that they are arbitrarily chosen as a leader, feel that they reserve the right to exaggerate that they deserve more praise than that of the member of the group.

There are many other example that many people exaggerate about their success and forgot being thankful.

I really like the video by Michael Lewis in the Princeton Baccalaureate: 2012 event. This is a must see video of how random/mysterious success or career can be. FYI, Michael Lewis is the writer of many best selling book, i.e. : Moneyball and Liar’s Poker.

Michael Lewis

I really like that video. I hope that someday I can see the same inspiring speech in the campus baccalaureate event in Indonesia.

Hehe.. Back to topic.

Every time you got your achievement, always think it this way: is this a given outcome? or can other people in your organization can achieve this better if they are given the same work and the same member of the group?

If you answer one of those question with yes, you should be wise and humble to not exaggerate your success. Be thankful and motivate yourself to do better by not exposing it to the public.

Keep achieving! =)